Wow... Does That Chick Have Purple Hair???

I think that an introduction is definitely due by this point... I've had this blog for a few years and had a MySpace one before that. My life is changing rapidly now and I'm sure that my blogging style will as well. Please bear with me, I'm not sure where these changes will take me, I'm a little scared, but
excited too...

I hope you all continue to follow me on my journey!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


He's coming back home tonight. I put a pillow and blanket out on the couch for him. He's taking the boys to church tomorrow and then to his parents house. I'll have the day to go through my things and try to get rid of stuff... I hate doing that.
As of right now, it's looking like I'll leave on the 19th of February. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends, family, and neighbors. Everyone is really coming together and helping me out so much. I love and cherish all of you.
Well, I've gotta go... Good night people.

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